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This was my new PR! deadlifting 185 pounds and 4-ish chin ups after. I weigh about 120 pounds, so this was 65 pounds more than my body weight!

Yes, the video is chopped up and edited, but thats because I decided to add in the chin ups after, but the video turned out blurry. I ended up deadlifting 185 pounds 3 days in a row to put this video together! But you can still see that I did the chin ups right after I deadlifted!

SFU Cheer

You can watch our performance here. I am the second top in from the right.

One Rep Max Day! - November 7, 2013

I know I definitely could have lifted more on this day, but I had been getting about 4 hours of sleep everyday for that week (I know I shouldn't have done one rep max if I was getting that amount of sleep, but I wanted to try it out).

My bench press is a bit embarrassing, but let me just say that I NEVER do chest.

Deadlifting - July 22nd, 2013

This was my 5th set, and I did 8 reps each :D. I weighed about 110 pounds, so I was lifting 25 pounds more than my own body weight!

SFU cheerleading team

I never thought that I would ever become a cheerleader... The cheerleaders you see in the movies definitely distort one's perception of what cheerleading is really about. I used to think that being a cheerleader would be too girly or too preppy for me. After conversing with a male named Keith at clubs day, I decided to try out for the team. I am so glad I made that decision because I have found a new love of the sport.

I started off as a flyer, but then I wanted to try basing. In this photo, I am a base because we were short of people (this is not our full team). Today, I am considered a hybrid flyer (I am a flyer, but I will base if needed)

Now, I am doing things I thought I never would be able to do with of my scoliosis. On top of that, I am almost getting my backhand spring down! :D